One of my first memories is waking up at my grandmother's house on a Sunday morning. The smell of Chanel No. 5 and coffee hanging in the air. She was ready to go to mass, and just about to wake me up. If I close my eyes I can see my sunlit room at her house bathed in the early morning light. It was spring, just after Easter, one of her favorite parts of the year. In that moment I was safe. The death and disease that would plague the later years of my childhood and early teens hadn't come, and in that memory is a sweet feeling. A feeling that as you get older you lose, and then something pulls you back to it. A familiar smell, the older lady at the market wearing Chanel No. 5,  the way the sunlight dances on your curtains at 6:45 am, and coffee. Coffee is there comforting you. Reminding you that the safety and sweetness of youth are still hidden in your memories if you just breathe deep and take in the aroma. 

I wanted to start with this story because it illustrates my connection to the warm beverage we call coffee.  I hadn't realized where my true love of coffee came from until I was standing in a cupping(there will be more on what cupping in a later post), smelling and slurping when this memory came over me. Suddenly I was crying. I had to leave the room. That's when I realized what my drive with coffee is. Coffee is waking up at Grandma's house on a Sunday morning. Coffee is comfort. I want to give that comfort to everyone I meet. Everyone deserves to have a little comfort in their life. Even if it's for only five minutes of every day. 

My hope with Reincaffeinated is that you will discover something new within yourself, and help to awaken your senses to  possibilities, memories, and the comfort that is coffee.