The end of the summer came like a whirlwind. And as whirlwinds go one can only hope to be unscathed. Naturally it came at no surprise that once the dust settled I found myself home sick with a terrible stomach flu. I generally do not suffer from the stomach flu. I may get a cold once a year, but as far as other flu bugs go they tend to leave me alone.

Autumn is now upon us and that means any matter of sinful sickness is destined to float our way. I suppose this is just mother nature's way of reminding us to practice self care. Something that I have not been so great about as of late. What with all the various projects there are to do, and endless work I can find for myself. Still self care is important, and like any other regiment it has to be applied daily along with moisturizer. 


Barkeeps trusted friend. 

Barkeeps trusted friend. 

Barkeeps Remedy for a Sour Stomach 

Whether you're sick with the flu or have just enjoyed too many dirty martinis here is a classic remedy to cure your sour stomach. 


You will need:

A rocks glass 

Angostura Bitters (or any house made bitters)

Club soda (or ginger ale if you like thing sweet)


Pour the club soda into the glass add three to four drops of bitters and enjoy. Sure to cure what ails you.