The Java Jive

Nothing goes with a nice cup of Joe like some sweet tunes.  This may be the best way to start any day: coffee and music. Inspired by the Dinner Party Downloads weekly dinner party playlist. I have created a coffee lovers playlist, and since mornings are sometimes unpredictable it's a little all over the map. 

1. The Java Jive by the Ink Spots. A classic coffee loving tune. I believe several groups have remade this one but in my opinion the Ink Spots preformed it best.  It's true, "I love the Java Jive and it loves me." 

2.  Black Coffee by Peggy Lee. This may be her sexiest performance ever! Sometimes a coffee drinkers life can be a little blue. This tune is for the black coffee drinking divas in all of us.

3. Coffee by Sylvan Esso. This song definitely showed up in some Barista routines for United State Barista Championships. It's a fun song and "Hey it's called 'Coffee" .


4.The Coffee Song by Old blue eyes Frank Sinatra. In 1946 they had an awful lot of coffee in Brazil. I suppose they are still growing it there but I don't imagine much of it is staying in the country. I don't imagine that was really the case in 1946 either.... 

5. Bolivia by Jorge Drexler I heard this song on the same day as trying an amazing coffee from Bolivia. Now when I hear it I can taste that coffee. Since my Spanish is horrible at best I didn't really understand the lyrics. But, I did know that Jorge Drexler was from Uruguay and not Bolivia and what is a Latin artist doing with a last name like Drexler? Jorge's father is a German Jew. His family moved to Uruguay when his father was 4 years old to flee the Holocaust. The family also lived in Bolivia for an extended period of time. In the 1930s Bolivia was one of the only South American nations that was open to the idea of welcoming Jewish immigrants. Either way Bolivia is a great song, and if you don't know who Jorge Drexler is, you should.